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Organic and Sustainable Hydrogen Production

EM ENERGY is on a mission to create a revolutionary method of producing hydrogen from abundant and non-toxic organic materials Not only is our technology environmentally friendly, but it's also biodegradable! Our passion for sustainability drives us to develop the most reliable, affordable and long-lasting organic methods of producing hydrogen on the market.


Organic Hydrogen Electrolyser Cell (OHEC)

Hydrogen energy produced from low emissions technology is a critical enabler of the world’s transition to a clean energy future, however, the cost of producing green hydrogen is currently prohibitively expensive owing to the significant amount of energy required to electrolyse water.

The OHEC technology has the potential to provide a low-cost and non-toxic method of producing hydrogen that can be located in-situ at industrial sites, commercial buildings and even residential homes to run fuel cells and generate electricity on-demand.

Our vision is to support the transition to a cleaner future and provide Australia with the manufacturing know-how to produce its own clean hydrogen devices.

Research & Development

10 Years in the Making

EM Energy is the culmination of 10 years of research in the fields of organic and bioremediation chemistry and has developed working prototypes of its technology. 


The Organic Hydrogen Electrolyser Cell (OHEC) is capable of generating its own self-perpetuating, voltage-inducing electrolysis, which allows hydrogen free radicals to be produced from organic material. 

The cost of producing hydrogen from organic material has the potential to be significantly lower than electrolysing water, which requires significant energy. 

Black Soil

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