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EM ENERGY focuses on implementing novel, innovative technologies based on effective microorganisms sustainably extracted from the environment. We are proudly creating biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable batteries in our energy lab situated in Sydney, Australia.


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Current Areas of Study

Current Research Project

Sustainable Energy Harvesting 

EM Energy focuses on the responsible harvest of microorganisms from healthy soil. These beneficial microorganisms rich in nutrients work in a symbiotic relationship with microalgae extracts containing stable hydrogen radicals from the cathode to the anode through a molecular sieve that safely generates energy in the novel battery.

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Ongoing Research Project

Eco-Friendly Disposal

EM Energy batteries harvest beneficial microorganisms from healthy soils. These characteristics allow safely dispose of the battery cells as organic amend in the ground, improving resilience and balance in land and water bodies.

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Upcoming Research Project

Recyclable EM Energy Batteries 

EM is planning to develop recyclable battery cells, which can be replaced in the same battery shells.

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